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Painting Studio

Our Painting Studio is comprised of several types of surfaces to create on. We offer canvas, glassware, pottery and woodware painting. 


Studio Know-how:

  • All projects go home the same day

  • Fun for all ages

  • Acrylic paint is used and can stain clothing. We do provide smocks 


Choose from a large selection of self-guided canvas designs or free-hand and create your own. Our self-guided design packs come with step-by-step instructions as well as tracing templates. 

Canvas Know-how:

  • Canvases start at $15.00

  • Allow 2-4 hours for self-guided design packs


Add your personal touch to wine glasses, vases, jars, nightlights, ornaments and more!  

Glassware Know-how:

  • Projects start at $5.00

  • Allow 1-2 hours 

  • Glassware that needs to be water safe (e.g. wine glasses and vases) requires be baked in your home oven to set the paint.

  • Glassware baking instructions


Acrylic painted pottery is a great option for those who would be unable to pick-up the following day. Simply choose an item from our ceramic studio, but instead of glaze, use acrylic to create your one of a kind pottery. 

Pottery Know-how:

  • Pottery starts at $6.00

  • Allow 1-2 hours 

  • Great option for small children 

  • Items will NOT be food or water safe when painted with acrylic


We offer several birdhouses and wooden plaques for you to create on.

Woodware Know-how:

  • Projects start at $5.00

  • Allow 1-2 hours 

  • Great option for small children

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