The Silo Project

ho_-afa_tallsilo_web.JPGThe Hands On Silo Project is an exciting communal art effort to benefit homeless animals. For $4.00, guests can purchase a ceramic tile to paint, and the entire $4.00 will be donated to Door County Humane Society All of the tiles purchased and painted for the fundraising effort will then become part of a large-scale, mixed-media art installation.

Cy and Karon working on the Silo Project

This “interactive sculpture” utilizes the 100 year-old silo that stands behind the barn/studio as a canvas for painted elements, metal accents ,and the focus, a towering mosaic of the hand painted tiles. It all began in the summer of 2005, when Turnbladh enlisted the help of his friend, Don Sallenbach. Sallenbach (a faux-finish painter from Green Bay who spends summers in Door County) agreed to undertake the large-scale painting job that would be the first step. The result is a vividly colored network of swirls and geometric shapes that provides an undulating framework for the ongoing addition of painted tiles. Three-dimensional metal objects will also be incorporated into the overall design as the project evolves. Appropriately, two rusty sheet metal hands have already been affixed near the base of the structure.


It will take approximately 8000 four-inch tiles to cover the entire exterior of the silo, leaving none of the painted surface revealed. And, if most people who visit Hands On choose to paint a tile for the silo, it shouldn’t take very long! (plus, there’s always the inside)!

In addition to generating funds for The Door County Humane Society, what’s really cool is that people who make tiles for the silo will be able to come back every year and see the tiles they added themselves, plus they”ll see an ever-changing art piece, as more and more people paint tiles.

To date, over 4000 tiles have been painted and affixed to the silo!