Metal Studio

What started as just an experiment several years ago, the Hands On Metal Studio Buffet is now housed in a separate 1000 sq. ft. building dedicated to designing and building metal sculptures, garden and wall art, furniture, fountains and fun things for kids.
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The metal studiio building is in keeping with the “farm” style design of other studio buildings. Cedar siding, a metal shed roof, big windows and oversized glass garage doors will help to bring the outdoors in and give a feeling of spaciousness.

metalbug_web.JPGOur stock of “buffet” items – spheres, hemispheres, swirls, balusters, rods angles and tubes – are neatly organized for easy access. Galvanized tubs hold lots of interesting pieces of “farm junk” to embellish your creations. Buckets overflow with miscellaneous steel parts and shapes. And the walls are filled with precut steel shapes – dragonflies, frogs, snakes, butterflies, lizards, suns and moons – along with examples of finished projects.

We have a plasma cutting table for cutting your own designs out of steel in varying thicknesses, and several welding stations equipped with MIG welders, vises and simple hand tools. We also have several bending block stations for bending your own steel shapes.

Metal Studio Buffet projects include a repertoire of garden animals, small and large fountains, water sprinklers, fire pits, 3-D sun faces, fused glass and steel multi-media wall pieces, trellises and garden entries, gates, chairs, tables, giant steel flowers, bugs and scarecrows.

YOU are only limited by your imagination.
WE will facilitate most anything you want to create!

dadboymetal_web.JPGHere’s how it works:

As in all of our studios, project materials are individually priced, and you pay a $7 studio fee. There is an additional charge for welding and cutting time. We can do all of the cutting and welding for you – just show us your design. Or, we can teach you how to use the equipment yourself, and outfit you with the helmets, gloves, ear protection and ventilation you need. Welding/cutting time is charged at $10/15 minutes – for either the time we spend doing it for you, or teaching you how to do it yourself! There is an age restriciton for using the equipment in the metal studio: 12 years – 15 years can weld with a staff member as long as a parent/guardian is present; 16 years and older can weld with a staff member

metalflower_web.JPGWE provide all of the necessary supplies, tools, materials and skills to assist YOU in creating a one-of-a-kind piece of metal art. YOU will leave Hands On Metal Studio Buffet with a feeling of accomplishment and pride in a personal experience of creativity, and not to mention YOU can show off your masterpiece!!!

Spend the day. Get inspired. Relax on the farm and fields of Hands On Art Studio…AND NEVER STOP CREATING!