PAINT IT! Grab some brushes and we’ll set you up with the right paints for your project.

We have over over 1000 different bisque-fired whiteware ceramic pieces available for glazing! Choose from figurines, coin banks, plaques, and vases – even functional dishes and serving pieces. Maybe it’s cute, maybe it’s sophisticated, either way, it’s a blank canvas for your vision. We supply an impressive selection of glazes for you to paint with, too, everything from vivid, glossy colors and stylish mattes to earthy stoneware-looks.

You can create your own beautiful, colorful painted wooodward at Hands On. Choose from a variety of mirrors, frames, tables and even birdhouses for the yard! We have just the right durable acrylic paints to do the job.


Check out the wide range of metal pieces that can be painted and displayed as unique artworks.

With opaque and transparent colors formulated especially for use on glass, you can create hand-painted plates, goblets, flutes, cocktail glasses, candleholders, bowls and vases.


If you’re looking to create some wearable art, we carry 100% cotton t-shirts in sizes from infant to XL, paint or spin paint. With some help, and the right paints, it’s easy.

ASSEMBLE IT! Maybe you’d like to try something that doesn’t involve using brushes.

Metal Studio Buffet

ho_weldboy_web.JPGGraze our interesting selection of metal shapes, rods, balls, gears and “junk”, we’ll help you design and quickly arc-weld them together into an indoor or outdoor functional or decorative sculpture. We’ve got smooth steel and rusty stuff. We can custom cut shapes with our plasma cutter. We bet you can’t walk in and do something like this without an appointment anywhere else!

Glass Fusing

We can show you how to cut, grind and layer glass to create plates, bowls, sun-catchers or even a set of wind chimes. Choose from a rainbow of sheet glass colors (some with textured and iridescent surfaces), thin glass rods and glass “confetti” to experiment with. Once you’ve laid out your design, we’ll melt it in our kiln. As the glass melts, it sticks together, turning your design into one solid piece of glass. We even have molds that allow your flat design to “slump” as it melts, enabling 3-D pieces.


We have a big variety of wood shapes to start with. Mirrors, frames, plaques, trivets, boxes, plates, tiles trays and cafe’ tables made especially for tiles. Create a design from ceramic and glass pieces. We”ll grout it for you, in your choice of color.

FORM IT!Be a potter or sculptor for a day, even if you’ve never made a mud-pie.

Wheel throwing and Hand-building

We’ll sit you down at the potter’s wheel, give you some clay and some instruction, and you’ll be able to “throw” your own vase, planter, cup, plate or bowl. Or (if the wheel makes you a little dizzy!) we can show you some hand-building techniques so you’ll still be able to make something cool with clay. Please call to make an appoitment.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Your imagination is the only limit.
We can help you combine several different media to create something all your own. Paint a wooden picture frame and decorate it with glass jewels from our mosaic area. Design a metal sculpture with fused glass accents, or perhaps you want to paint it. We have all the supplies and help you’ll need.
The possibilities are endless.